Canadian grain exports hit new record in 2017/18: CGC

CNS Canada – Total exports of Canada’s major grains and oilseeds hit a new record in 2017/18 (Aug/Jul), as sharp increases in wheat and barley more than made up for a decline in canola sales, according to the last weekly report from the Canadian Grain Commission for the recently finished crop year.

Total exports of the grains, oilseeds and other crops tracked by the CGC in 2017/18 came in at 41.927 million tonnes, as of July 31. That compares with 41.570 million in 2016/17 and the five-year average of 39.1 million tonnes.

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Wheat exports during the 2017/18 marketing year were pegged at 16.233 million tonnes, which was up from the 14.670 million exported the previous year and in line with the five-year average of 16.062 million. Total barley exports of 1.898 million tonnes were about 500,000 tonnes above both the 2016/17 level and the five-year average.

Canadian canola exports in 2017/18 came in at 10.237 million tonnes, which was down slightly from the 10.878 million tonnes exported the previous year but still the second-largest on record.

Pea exports were down sharply on the year following restrictions implemented by India. However, at 2.069 million tonnes the pea business was only slightly off the five-year average of 2.340 million tonnes.

Total exports in million tonnes. Source: Canadian Grain Commission

                       2017/18    2016/18   Five-year average

All-wheat      16.233     14.670     16.062
Durum           3.987       4.290       4.465
Oats                 1.524        1.168        1.037
Barley             1.898       1.355        1.276
Flaxseed         0.316       0.298       0.366
Canola            10.237     10.878      9.152
Peas                 2.069       3.345        2.340
Corn                 1.394       0.901        0.909
Total*              41.927     41.570     39.094

*totals include data from other crops not shown including rye, soybeans, canaryseed, mustard seed, beans, lentils and chickpeas.


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