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Dairy Farmers go 3-D in milk campaign

The five-second milk commercials you’ve been seeing on TV and before the movie at the multiplex are entering the third dimension.

Dairy Farmers of Canada announced Wednesday it will launch Canada’s first-ever 3-D advertising campaign this summer in 19 Cineplex theatres showing 3-D movies in Ontario and the Maritimes.

The 3-D ads, which will launch July 3 with the release of the animated film Ice Age 3D, will be an extension of what DFC calls the “Dot Spot” campaign, which made the dairy farmers’ agency the first to market with a five-second commercial when it launched in 2007.

“It’s important for the Milk brand to be leading-edge in order to continue to build its relevance with our teen consumer,” said Solange Heiss, DFC’s assistant director for marketing and nutrition communications, in a release Wednesday.

“They’re a very important audience for the brand. Creating a 3-D ad campaign demonstrates how we are committed to finding new, fun and effective ways to reach teens.”

The spots were created by Toronto agency Due North Communications and animated by Toronto-based Head Gear Animation.

“We were utterly determined that the Milk brand be the first with 3-D ads because our teen target prides itself on being at the front of whatever is cool and new,” said Karen Howe, vice-president and creative director at Due North.

“Our much-emulated Dot Spots were clearly a home run. Thanks to the seamless collaboration with Head Gear Animation, we think the 3-D Dots will be too.”

The original Dot Spots led to a run of 129 different ads, from which Due North followed up with spots specifically designed for teens’ cellphones.

The 3-D spots each communicate one single benefit for Milk, DFC said. In these spots, the chosen benefits are “growth, energy and refreshment.”


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