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Storms worsen summer slump in U.S. diesel supply

New York | Reuters — U.S. diesel stockpiles did something this year that has never happened in the summer before: They shrank. And that was even before Hurricane Harvey landed, knocking out a quarter of U.S. refining capacity, crippling production of fuel products. Thanks to surprising summer demand, particularly from exports, inventories of diesel, jet […] Read more

Diesel prices could rise further in Harvey’s wake

CNS Canada — Diesel prices in Western Canada have risen by about six to seven cents a litre since Hurricane Harvey ravaged the petroleum-rich Texas coast. An expert with the fuel industry says harvest pressure will likely keep the diesel market from correcting downward, and push prices up a bit more. “So (the market) appears […] Read more

Diesel prices look to settle in for fall, early winter

CNS Canada — Canadian diesel prices appear to be settling in for a relatively uneventful autumn, according to an industry watcher. “Unless we get a vortex kind of winter, when a lot of diesel is used for heating purposes, I think it’s another cheap autumn-winter scenario shaping up,” said Tom Kloza of the Oil Price […] Read more

Diesel prices hang steady in West, for now

CNS Canada –– It doesn’t appear the gasoline shortage that has left many pumps across Western Canada dry will be spreading to the diesel sector, at least for now. Fires in northern Alberta and problems at a refinery in Edmonton crimped available supplies of gas for many Prairie retailers this week. While some Petro-Canada and […] Read more

Diesel prices seen staying lower

CNS Canada –– Diesel prices in Canada are expected to stay relatively cheap this spring despite some recent strength in the crude oil market. In a normal cycle, diesel prices would usually be on the move right now, but they have been mired at their current level for the last few months, according to Tom […] Read more

Diesel prices remain high across Prairies

CNS Canada — While the price of crude oil continues to decline across North American markets, diesel remains stubbornly high in Western Canada. Prices are equal to gasoline, or in some cases, exceeding them by as much as 10 cents in some Saskatchewan and Manitoba locations. “Diesel production in the West has been crimped by […] Read more

Diesel prices seen softening soon

CNS Canada — Canadian diesel prices should go down between now and the end of the summer, according to a fuel expert. Since early May, the price of diesel across the Prairies has largely been in and around the 94-98 cents per litre range. Tom Kloza of the Oil Price Information Service reported prices on […] Read more