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Schoepp: Weighing in on a Free Trade Agreement with China

Straight from the hip with Brenda Schoepp

Canada’s trade has doubled in the past decade and much of that has been to China, our second-largest trading partner. On March 4 the Canadian government opened public consultations for a possible Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between the two countries and this platform will stay open until June 2, 2017. Glen Hodgson, senior fellow with […] Read more

Schoepp: Trading places

Straight from the hip with Brenda Schoepp

There has been much discussion on protectionism as we watch the trumping of the TPP and look at NAFTA with sorrowful anticipation. What is the importance of huge trade deals and why should we examine them now? The largest global trade body is the World Trade Organization (WTO), which is a negotiating body established in […] Read more

Fire and ice

Straight from the hip with Brenda Schoepp

The imagery of fire and ice is indicative of the current political status of our nation when it comes to trade. Between the blistering outbursts and cold responses there is imbedded a little dance with the dragon that may ultimately determine our economic well-being. Trump’s fire and brimstone proclamations will collapse with the mountain on […] Read more

A global approach to research

Straight from the Hip with Brenda Schoepp

For many years our industry had yearned in the research world for what was called a systems approach: the transparent collection or series of projects toward an end with a strong tech transfer component. And now at the University of Calgary we have in motion the College of Discovery, Creativity and Innovation (CDCI) which exceeds […] Read more

Scientist analyzing bacterial colonies

Ending antimicrobial resistance with a SNAPP

Straight from the Hip with Brenda Schoepp

The United Nations has declared antimicrobial resistance a global fundamental threat. It is interesting that the emergence of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) has really taken a short time in our human history to become a near epidemic. Today antibiotic use is considered suboptimal and in many cases unnecessary because of the widespread use without the confirmation […] Read more

Too far out?

Free Market Reflections from the June 2016 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

Recently Canadian cattlemen were upset because a Canadian-based chain, Earls, decided to serve only “Certified Humane” beef, currently only available from one source — Creekstone Farms in Kansas, U.S. Ah, the complexities of producing and marketing food today. I’m sure Canadian cattlemen and processors were quite taken aback that a Canadian restaurant chain would shut them […] Read more

cattle on pasture

Be a soil farmer

When I first started farming, I bought some cows. I was a cattle farmer. I eventually figured out that if I could take good care of the grass, it would take care of the cattle. When I determined the cattle were simply a tool to manage the grass, I became a grass farmer. A few […] Read more