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On the trail of bovine tuberculosis (bTB)

11,500 head sacrificed so far with no source in sight. 
The final phase of the investigation begins this month

A year ago beef producers in parts of Alberta and Saskatchewan were thrown for a loop when an Alberta cow tested positive for bovine tuberculosis (bTB) at a U.S. packing plant. The ensuing disease investigation by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) quickly became the largest and most complex beef cattle investigation in its history, […] Read more

Do you have a veterinary-client-patient relationship?

Animal Health: VCPRs will soon be needed to prescribe antibiotics

The significance of veterinary-client-patient relationships (VCPR) is being elevated to a new level as Canadian veterinarians strive to fulfill their obligations for oversight of medically important antimicrobials in the global battle to check the spread of resistant bacteria. By the end of this year, veterinarians must have records on file to validate VCPRs before prescribing […] Read more

‘Software disease’ — The hazards of plastic, net wrap and twines

Animal Health: Ingestion of plastics has become a common killer

Cattle, especially young ones, are curious and chew on anything within reach. They may eat baling twines, plastic bags and other debris that ends up in their pen or pasture. The strange material may taste or smell interesting, so the animals chomp it down. Sometimes they accidentally ingest foreign objects in their feed. Cattle eat […] Read more

A new cowplant for Idaho

CS Beef Packers will process 1,700 head per day

A family with lots of experience turning cows into beef has a brand new plant up and running at Kuna, Idaho, near Boise offering a new marketing option for cull cows to ranchers in the northwest U.S. and Western Canada. CS Beef Packers is a partnership between the Caviness family of Caviness Beef Packers in […] Read more

Whitewood Livestock returns to Pipestone, Man., this fall

Marketing: While futures markets may fluctuate, one constant is this family-owned operation

The upcoming year will be one for the record book at Whitewood Livestock Sales as preparations get underway for the September reopening of its affiliated market at Pipestone, Man., and to welcome Canada to the 21st annual Canadian Livestock Auctioneering Championships next May 11 at Whitewood, Sask. Market owner-operators, Rhett Parks and his dad, Gene, […] Read more

Perlich Auction is 50 years young

Selling livestock is their business, but five decades later their success is built on a foundation of well-taught human values, a passion for the industry and respect for proper animal care

When the second generation to own and manage Perlich Bros. Auction took over the reigns of a well-established southern Alberta livestock auction service their timing couldn’t have been much worse. A few months after buying the business from their aunt in late 2002, BSE hit Alberta and the world livestock industry, recalls Maureen Perlich, who […] Read more

Confidence backs JGL’s expansion

JGL kicked off this year’s Saskatchewan Stock Growers Association’s conference with a hospitality evening and tour of its new office building and assembly yard situated along the Trans Canada Highway, 10 kilometres west of Moose Jaw. As JGL co-founder Bill Jameson put it, the company outgrew its original place along the tracks on the city’s […] Read more

Genomic tools for commercial cattle within sight

Is knowing your cattle's DNA become a "need to have" instead of a "nice to have?"

In an industry where margins can be tight it’s often hard to justify the cost for something like a DNA test that seems “nice to have.” But what would the return on investment need to be to make DNA a “need to have” item on every farm and ranch? That is a question researchers across […] Read more