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Hail payouts total $280 million – final report for 2012

Based on preliminary estimates, payouts to Prairie farmers for 2012 crop hail claims total roughly $280 million on 21,600 losses. A total of nearly $341 million was collected from producer premiums for an industry-wide loss ratio of just over 82 per cent. Disease and wind damage made it challenging for adjusters to determine the hail damage […] Read more

The Hail Report

Although it’s early in the growing season, hailstorms have already generated claims ineach Prairie province. The most significant storm to date in Alberta was on June 5 when hail was accompanied by a tornado in the southern part of the province. The areas affected were Taber, Wrentham, and Warner to Enchant. Seeding was early in […] Read more

Hail claims well below normal

In its biweekly report, the Canadian Crop Hail Association says that despite some well-publicized storms, the number of hail claims filed by Prairie farmers is well below average for this time of year. As of mid-week, the member companies reported a total of roughly 2,650 claims in Saskatchewan, 930 claims in Alberta and 500 claims in […] Read more

Hail claims rise: insurers ask for claims by fax or online

Since the last report two weeks ago, the number of crop hail claims has increased significantly in all three Prairie Provinces. Claim numbers are above average in Saskatchewan, somewhat below average for this date in Alberta, and well below normal in Manitoba. Adjusters report continuing problems in accessing some fields due to wet conditions. When adjusters […] Read more

Dramatic increase in hail claims

(July 16) Over the past two weeks, the number of crop hail claims filed by Prairie farmers has increased dramatically, particularly in Alberta and Saskatchewan. In many regions, hail adjusters are having difficulty accessing fields due to extremely wet conditions. Producers can assist adjusters by advising when all the damaged fields can be attended. In some […] Read more