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RESEARCH ON THE RECORD – for Sep. 7, 2009

HIGH-STARCH CREEP FEEDING AND EARLY WEANING IMPROVED CARCASS QUALITY Research at the Univ. of Illinois by Dan Faulkner and associates has revealed that management strategies early in the life of a calf can improve carcass quality by increasing the deposition of intramuscular fat (marbling). They have evaluated two different strategies: creep-feeding and early-weaning. Calves creep-fed […] Read more

RESEARCH ON THE RECORD – for Jun. 8, 2009

Influence Of Percentage Angus On Feedlot Performance And Carcass Traits The objective of this Iowa State Univ. and Certified Angus Beef (CAB) study was to evaluate the effect of percentage Angus in feeder calves on feedlot performance and carcass traits. The total number of calves involved was 18,250. Calves were categorized into four classifications: Low […] Read more

RESEARCH ON THE RECORD – for Apr. 6, 2009

High-Moisture Corn Wins Again Univ. of Nebraska researchers used 475 crossbred yearling steers (837 lb) to evaluate the effects of five different commercially available corn hybrids and two processing methods on finishing performance and carcass traits. Four of the hybrids were obtained from Golden Harvest Seeds Co., Waterloo, NE, and one from Pioneer Hybrids, Johnston, […] Read more

RESEARCH ON THE RECORD – for Feb. 9, 2009

Barley Had As Much Net Energy Value As Corn Barley is commonly fed in finishing diets in Canada and throughout the Pacific Northwest. However, corn accounts for 80 per cent of the energy grains fed to cattle in the U. S., and it is widely believed that corn has superior feeding value compared to barley. […] Read more