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Drozd: Oat market rally nears historical high

Oat futures prices at the Chicago Board of Trade have held up relatively well in comparison to the eight- and nine-month decline in the neighbouring corn and wheat markets. Last month, oat prices on the nearby monthly chart reached US$4.30 per bushel, which is the highest price since July 2008, when the oat market posted […] Read more

Drozd: Canadian dollar slips below par

The Canadian dollar has been trending lower, since it penetrated the lower boundary of the uptrending channel. I have found that chart analysis is a valuable resource for determining the price trend and where support and resistance to the trend may be anticipated. Trendlines During the course of a trend and all the fluctuations which […] Read more

Drozd: Classic topping action in soybean meal

Technical analysis is the study of market movement. Its strength and popularity comes from the assumption that future price direction can be predicted by studying a market’s past activity. Technical analysis is concerned exclusively with the market and certain statistics the market generates; prices, volume and open interest. In technical analysis no consideration is given […] Read more