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Ontario soybeans, corn suffer under ‘heat dome’

Commodity News Service Canada – While Saskatchewan and Manitoba farmers wish the rain would go away, some Ontario farmers are wishing it would pour. “We’ll trade some nice, hot, dry, sunny weather for your water and rain,” said Jeff Barlow, a director with Grain Farmers of Ontario who farms in the southern part of the province. […] Read more

Port of Churchill closing, blindsiding workers, industry alike 

Commodity News Service – The largest employer in Churchill, Manitoba will shut its doors, leaving employees and loaded cars alike stranded on the tracks. Workers at the Port of Churchill were told Monday, July 25, there would be no grain shipments going through the port this season, leaving approximately 10 per cent of Churchill residents out of […] Read more

Hail damage claims skyrocket in Manitoba

Claims already exceed the average for an entire year

Commodity News Service Canada — The massive storms that have steamrolled through parts of Manitoba are causing significantly higher than average hail damage claims, according to the Canadian Crop Hail Association. The association’s most recent hail report said the ratio of claims to policies have soared due to storms on July 4, July 10 and […] Read more

Rain causes extreme haying delays

CNS Canada –– Excessive rain and high humidity over the past few weeks are causing major problems for haying operations in Saskatchewan and Manitoba. “We should be well underway in our progress and I think we are far behind right now,” said Leanna Rousell, executive director of the Saskatchewan Forage Council. The majority of Saskatchewan […] Read more

Quinoa crops flourish so far across Prairies

CNS Canada — The Canadian Prairies may seem an unlikely place for quinoa to flourish, but the South American grain is making remarkable gains up north. There is only one company, Northern Quinoa Corp., growing and producing quinoa in Canada. For over 20 years they’ve grown and produced small acreages, but the rising popularity of […] Read more

CBOT weekly outlook: Favourable weather drops corn, soy prices

CNS Canada — Corn and soybean futures at the Chicago Board of Trade recorded losses during the week ended Wednesday, feeling pressure from favourable weather. Further declines are likely given the nearby forecasts, according to an analyst. “It’s all about the weather right now,” said Terry Reilly of Futures International in Chicago. “Over the weekend […] Read more

Wet weather threatens record lentil crops

CNS Canada — An increase in Canadian lentil acreage this year comes as a blessing in disguise as wet conditions threaten some crops, worrying producers. Farmers in parts of the Prairies increased lentil seedings by 48 per cent, covering a record 5.8 million acres this year, according to Statistics Canada. While the increase in lentils […] Read more

Chickpeas see good start to a long season

CNS Canada –– Canadian chickpeas have a long season to go, but so far the crops look like they’re in it for the long haul. “We have a fair amount of chickpeas in and they look phenomenal, they’re in full flower and looking as healthy and as good as a chickpea crop can at this […] Read more

Severe weather causing problems for Manitoba crops

CNS Canada — Manitoba was pummelled over the weekend with heavy rains, winds and even hail in some areas, leaving various crops around the province a little beat up. “It’s a little too early to say what the final impact will be, but crops that saw that severe weather system did see some crop damage,” […] Read more

Little critters causing big problems for Alberta crops

CNS Canada — They may look cute and harmless, but gophers have been wreaking havoc on crops across Alberta. Gophers have been reported causing problems in southern, central and northeastern Alberta for canola crops and pastures, according to the provincial Crop Report. “It’s been dry again this year and that triggered them; it’s been quite […] Read more