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(File photo). The proposed changes to business risk management programs are a step in the right direction, writes Martin Unrau.

Opinion: Canada’s AgriStability Proposal a Step in the Right Direction

Beef producer and former CCA president Martin Unrau sees promise for beef industry in proposed changes to the business risk management program

One of the main reasons that I entered into cattle politics was to advocate for changes to the suite of business risk management (BRM) programs. At the time I was particularly frustrated with the growing inequity in the programs across agriculture sectors, but also concerned with the primary producer’s ability to manage through increasing weather […] Read more

Issues for 2014

Issues for 2014

The severe winter weather across most of the country forced many producers to find innovative ways to dig out themselves and their equipment in order to tend to their livestock. Abnormally cold weather, extreme wind chill, snow accumulations and in some parts, ice and power outages, certainly posed a challenge but producers understand their responsibility […] Read more