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New cold-tolerant clovers

The first arrivals are cover crops, but forages are on their way

When it comes to trying something new, it’s common for growers who rely on their forages to stick with what works. That’s understandable, given the demands for consistency, especially by dairy producers. Yet standing still is rarely a path to success on the farm. Now, in spite of growing concerns surrounding climate change, one seed […] Read more

At Pickseed, forages are No. 1

Acquisition by a Danish company has allowed a sharp increase in research trials across the country

Forages may lack for attention in Canada’s overall research budget, but not at Pickseed, which has long focused most of its attention on the forage and turf sectors. Now owned by Denmark’s DFL-Trifolium, Pickseed operates seven research stations across Canada, with its main facility in Lindsay, Ont., and another near Port Hope. There are also […] Read more

The challenges of growing quality forages

There are many reasons why production and quality may be less than ideal

Perception that forages are too weather-dependent or that producers plant one year and leave them alone for three must be challenged. The name varies from farm to farm and from one region of the country to another. Some refer to it under the blanket term “forage” while others attempt to be more specific — hay, […] Read more

harvesting a forage crop

Getting back to the basics: The fundamentals of good forages

New market opportunities may beckon, but quality remains the key

Every time commodity prices start to cycle lower, questions are asked and pencils are put to paper: “Should I start thinking of a cropping alternative?” In Eastern Canada the considerations are often edible beans, identity-preserved soybeans, oats…  maybe even barley or flax. But what about forages? The answer can be less than straightforward, depending on […] Read more