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In the foothills south of Calgary, July 14, 2019.

Feed Watch: July 15, 2019

As the summer wears on, the precipitation situation varies greatly across the Prairies. Rain has been plentiful in some areas, but other regions are looking at hay yields well below average. Parts of Manitoba are also losing hope for a decent second cut. Alberta The next Alberta crop report won’t be released until July 19. […] Read more

Today’s precipitation

Data from weather stations across the Prairies are available to Glacier FarmMedia members at the WeatherFarm website, where you can also sign up for a daily forecast email for your area. On the go? Get the WeatherFarm mobile app, available for iPhone and Android devices. To learn more about the CoCoRaHS system that generates these precipitation maps […] Read more

History: Stampede Managers and Contestants Meet

Reprinted from the January 1952 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

Stampede Managers and Contestants Meet By Lorne Stout, Calgary, Alta. ‘The Cowboys and Canadian Stampede Manager’s Associations held their annual meeting in Calgary in an atmosphere of cordiality marking a high in relations between the C.S.M.A. and the Cowboy’s Protective Association. There was none of the wrangling that has marked some sessions in the past. […] Read more

Hay in the swath in northwestern Saskatchewan.

Feed Watch: July 8, 2019

A dry spring has robbed many Prairie producers of first cut hay yields and lowered carrying capacity on pastures. Still, rain improved pasture conditions in many areas and some producers are cutting poor hay fields to encourage regrowth for a second cut. Overall hay growth and pasture looks better in Alberta than Saskatchewan and Manitoba. […] Read more

History: Big Gap Stampede

Reprinted from the January 1951 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

Big Gap Stampede By Mrs. Anne E. Spreight, Cairns, Alta. There have been many famous stampedes, but one of the most unique was the Rancher’s Roundup and Barbecue. It started simply enough. A number of ranchers in the Neutral Hills of Central Alberta wanted to hold a get together with the usual western attractions. It […] Read more

Wheat heads infected with fusarium.

Researchers discover bacteria that detoxifies DON

Research: News Roundup from the June 2019 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

Researchers have discovered bacteria that convert grain vomitoxins to a non-toxic form. Vomitoxins such as deoxynivalenol (DON) are produced by fungi that infect cereal species. Grain contaminated with DON can’t be consumed by people, and can only be safely fed to livestock if levels are low. DON is also resistant to heat treatment and regular […] Read more

History: The 76 Ranch on the Powder River: Part 2

Reprinted from the December 1951 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

The 76 Ranch on the Powder River: Part 2 By Herbert O. Brayer ‘During the period of stress, Frewen evolved the spectacular plan of shipping literally millions of head of range cattle to meat-hungry Britain for finishing and marketing. It was this program that first earned him international attention and no little fame. The plan […] Read more

Greater sage grouse.

Saskatchewan organizations piloting new conservation agreements

Environment: News Roundup from the June 2019 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

The Saskatchewan Stock Growers Association and South of the Divide Conservation Action Program have secured funding to pilot new results-based conservation agreements with beef producers. “The whole idea behind these agreements is that we’re not being prescriptive in our management. We’re letting the producers do the decision-making that supports species-at-risk habitat,” said Tom Harrison, executive […] Read more

History: The 76 Ranch on the Powder River: Part 1

Reprinted from the November 1951 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

History: The 76 Ranch on the Powder River: Part 1 By Herbert O. Brayer ‘Seventy years ago, on July 27, 1880 a trail herd if 2,500 Oregon bred cattle was slowly wending its way across the rolling, sage covered hills of southwestern Idaho enroute to still virgin ranges on the Powder River in Wyoming. The […] Read more

B.C. sustainable ranching program accepting applications this summer

Youth: News Roundup from the June 2019 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

Students looking for knowledge and experience they can apply to ranching, should take note of Thompson Rivers University’s Applied Sustainable Ranching diploma. The two-year program requires students to live on a home or mentor ranch or farm during the program, to gain operational experience and a feel for the farming or ranching culture. Students living […] Read more