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Saskatchewan VBP provincial co-ordinator Coy Schellenberg ranches near Beechy, Sask.

Ranch-fresh thinking for managing animal health

Tips for the busy spring and summer period

Verified Beef Production (VBP) – When you grow up on a busy cow-calf operation like Coy Schellenberg did, you learn that attention to detail matters, especially when things get hectic. One of the busiest times of year for producers is heading into spring and early summer. Calving season, often with round-the-clock herd checks. Yearlings and […] Read more

Cows and calves in a fenced pen.

The promise of a new beef year

Thoughts from beef producers to renew energy and ideals

Verified Beef Production (VBP) – No time of year represents the hope of the beef industry like the arrival of young calves each spring on Canadian beef farms and ranches. It’s a powerful time, with emotional, personal moments that can find producers thinking about what’s really important. One of the things that Verified Beef Production (VBP) […] Read more