Best Comments of the Week: May 29

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“High-oleic soybean trait gets feds’ approval,” May 19, 2009

DuPont fails to mention that this high-oleic GM soybean is nothing new. DuPont obtained USDA approval for a high-oleic soybean way back in 1997 (see Petition No. 97-008-01 at APHIS’s website), and it was soundly rejected in the marketplace. Despite the optimistic spin, it’s not at all clear that things will be any different this time around. — Bill Freese

“Toronto adopts ‘green roof’ requirements,” May 27, 2009

I am not really happy with this step. It might set the wrong signals and people — builders, developers, architects will find ways around it. (We have lots of experience in that and can help.) There are many ways getting an approval, meeting the city requirements and still having a negative impact for the environment or even the green roof industry. However, it is a good test and I am looking forward to learning more lessons. — Jorg Breuning


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