Prairie spring light on anthrax: CFIA

One animal in one cattle herd on one western Saskatchewan farm is the lone confirmed case of anthrax poisoning so far this spring and summer in Western Canada’s livestock herds.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency said Friday this case was reported June 3, on a farm in the RM of King George, in the Rosetown/Outlook area.

The spores that cause anthrax poisoning are known to exist in soil across the Canadian Prairies, and findings of anthrax are “common,” CFIA said.

Despite the low incidence so far this grazing season, CFIA still advised producers to consult with their veterinarians about making anthrax vaccinations part of a regular herd-health maintenance program, should they reside in a known anthrax-infected area.

People are susceptible to anthrax infection, CFIA said, but added that it’s rare to find a human case of anthrax associated with an animal outbreak if proper precautions are taken during the handling and movement of affected animals and carcasses.


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