Pulse weekly outlook: Manitoba crops emerge despite dry soils

Beans 'tougher than people think'

Pinto beans. (Vergani_Fotografia/iStock/Getty Images)

MarketsFarm — While Manitoba continues to deal with drought conditions in many growing areas, planting of pulses and soybeans is near done and some pulses are starting to emerge.

“Pea and fava bean seeding wrapped up a while ago,” said Cassandra Tkachuk, production specialist for Manitoba Pulse and Soybean Growers (MPSG).

“Dry bean planting actually wrapped up over the past week in western Manitoba and it would’ve wrapped up a little while ago in the southeast and east regions, our traditional dry bean growing areas. Those plants are coming out of the ground.”

In some parts of western Manitoba, pulses have been growing unevenly and slowly, according to Tkachuk.

“In a couple of cases out west, dry beans have taken a couple of weeks to come out of the ground, which is pretty unusual given the time they are planted (at) the end of May, early June,” she said. “We basically need some rain, which is the short story.”

Many pulse growers in Manitoba had seeded their crops as early as they could last spring to tap into surface soil moisture, but dry beans could still be affected by less moisture. High temperature swings — frost one night and high heat days later — as well as crop disease can also adversely affect crops.

However, despite not-so-ideal growing conditions, they can still finish strong, according to Tkachuk.

Dry beans “can look pretty rough when they’re first coming out and it’s not ideal to have such a high-value crop struggling, but they are tougher than people think,” she said. “I’m hoping that with a few more flushes of rain… (they) will just launch the crop.”

“It’s amazing what (dry beans) can endure throughout late May and early June. They can turn into these beautiful crops in July. I’m holding out hope that we’ll still see some beautiful crops this year.”

— Adam Peleshaty reports for MarketsFarm from Stonewall, Man.



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