Canadian Junior Angus Showdown Online Challenge 2020

  • Competition Categories Include:
  • GOAL (February 13-15, 2021) or Showdown (July 22-24, 2021)
  • Ad Photography
  • Canadian Junior Angus Knowledge Trivia
  • Daily gift card prizes, GOAL or Showdown registration, and a Canadian Angus Foundation heifer voucher up for grabs!

How It Works:
Challenges will be posted daily to Facebook and Instagram at 9 am MST and close at 8 pm MST
Juniors will submit in the comment section of the daily post
Each submission is worth one entry into the Canadian Angus Foundation Heifer Voucher and GOAL/Showdown Registration Draws so follow along each day!
All prize winners will be announced Saturday July 25

Must have a 2020 Canadian Junior Angus membership paid no later than Monday July 20, 2020
Parents may comment on behalf of a Junior (please include Junior’s name)
One entry per Junior per day junior-angus/


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