Livestock Central goes live online

Ag in Motion Special Event Feature

Jared Epp during his stock dog demonstration at Ag in Motion in 2019.

Livestock Central has always been an important part of Ag in Motion, and organizers have worked hard to ensure the digital event will be no different. From livestock feeding technology and stock dog demos to the Livestock and Forage Speaker Series, a variety of interactive options are available digitally for registered guests.

Digital Livestock and Forage Speaker Series

In partnership with the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture, the Livestock and Forage Speaker Series will be hosted online, providing show guests with the opportunity to hear industry experts and exhibitors speaking on a variety of different livestock-related topics each day.

On Dairy Day, presenters will speak on silage-related topics, including making baled silage work and preserving and protecting the silage pit. A few water-related topics will also be covered, including the risks of sulphates in water and funding water projects.

Beef Day presenters will speak about herd improvement using Expected Progeny Differences (EPDs) and genomics. The topic of field backgrounding calves will be discussed. Late in the day, a special panel will take producers on an adventure tour through the topic of Beef Value Chain sustainability featuring Jeff Fitzpatrick-Stilwell from McDonalds, Erika Stewart with VBP+, and Anne Wasko with the Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef.

On Day 3 of the show, alternative livestock are featured, with presenters focusing on multispecies grazing opportunities and pasture management. On Day 4, additional topics will be covered by Saskatchewan Agriculture representatives, including: Canadian Agricultural Partnerships; Funding for Fencing Through the Farm Stewardship Program; and Native and Tame Forage BMPs.

Grasslands Film Screening

Livestock Central will also screen the documentary film “Guardians of the Grasslands.” The film explores the current state of the Great Plains grasslands, one of the world’s most endangered ecosystems, and the role cattle play in its survival. The film was created by a group of dedicated conservationists, ranchers and Canadian filmmakers.

Beef Breeds Showcase and Stock Dog Demos

Producers can take a virtual walk through three different beef breeds to explore animal genetics in the Beef Breeds Showcase. Animals will be showcased by the Saskatchewan Hereford Association, Leading Edge Speckle Park Group, and Andrew Ranches Limousin. Representatives will be interviewed during the show discussing the genetic features of each breed, and guests can engage with them directly through the online chat function.

Jared Epp will provide a Stock Dog Demonstration on behalf of the Saskatchewan Stock Dog Association. Epp breeds border collies and raises sheep near Hanley, Sask. This year his impressive demonstration goes digital, as he explains why a well-bred stock dog is a good investment for producers pursuing low-stress livestock handling.

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