Coming Up in Canadian Cattlemen: Nov 11, 2019

A preview of some of the stories in the next issue of the magazine.

Our cover story this month takes us to the beautiful Similkameen Valley in British Columbia, which the Clifton family has called home for over a century. The Cliftons were recognized nationally with The Environmental Stewardship Award this year, and Piper Whelan talked with Wade Clifton about the family’s sustainable ranching practices and how the ranching operation has evolved over the years.

Many farming and ranching families are in the midst of succession planning, but there are also plenty of people who haven’t yet started. For readers wondering how to take those first steps, Kelly Sidoryk has written Succession Planning 101. Sidoryk goes through some of the fundamentals of transitioning a family business and gives readers ideas on how to hold the first family meeting to discuss the ranch’s future.

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And finally, Dr. Ron Clarke has written an article on managing resistance in internal parasites. Clarke explains how parasites develop resistance, what practices contribute to resistance and what producers can do to reduce the chances of developing resistance while controlling parasites in their herds.

Those are just a few of the stories we’ve got lined up for you, in addition to our regular departments and columns. If you’re not already a subscriber to the magazine, you can sign up today online.

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