Cattle Showcase Finalists – for Sep. 6, 2010

June Entry #1: Peterson

Prospect Hill Shorthorns, owned and operated by the Les Peterson family, has been raising Shorthorn cattle for over 30 years. With a 150-head cow herd of both purebred and commercial cows, the family has quality bulls and females to sell which are offered each year at the Battle River Shorthorn Bull and Female Sale. 2010 marks 100 years of farming for the Petersons at Meeting Creek, Alta.

April Entry #2: McDonald

My name is Murray McDonald and I own a 60-head cow-calf beef farm with my father Ken. My son R. J. who is 12 is also actively involved in the farming operation. The farm I live on was established by my Great-Uncle Hubert Pearson and my parents purchased the farm in 1978 and I took over in 1999. My dad received an Outstanding Leaders award in 1983. I was in the Beef Heifer Class my first year and then the Market Steer Class for four years. I enjoyed the 4-H experience, learning and the fellowship that you find through 4-H. My son R. J. resumed our family tradition in 4-H starting in 2008. He became a member of the United Beef Club and has been in the Market Steer Club for the past two years. He won Junior Showman with his RedAngus X Steer“Joey.” I also followed another family tradition this year by becoming one of the leaders in my son’s 4-H club. I find it a very rewarding experience; not only to help him but all the other great kids in our club as well. Our 4-H shows are held every year in the Rainy River District at the Emo Fall Fair Grounds in Emo, Ont. 4-H has been a very good experience for our family and we have reaped many rewards from it over the years.

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