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Congratulations to Honour Scroll recipients

Purely Purebred with Mike Millar: News about you from the April 2020 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

From left: Mike and Terrie Fleury, Wes and Kim Olynyk, and Don and Doris Perrin.

Congratulations to the families who received the Saskatchewan Livestock Association Honour Scroll at the Saskatchewan Beef Industry Conference in January: Mike and Terrie Fleury; Wes and Kim Olynyk; and Doris and Don Perrin.

Mike and Terrie Fleury. photo: Supplied

Mike and Terrie Fleury hail from Aberdeen, Sask. Mike became fascinated by American auctioneers at a young age, and by age 16 was selling at the Saskatoon Auction Mart. He then went on to work at the Saskatoon Public Stockyards, where he learned the art of auctioneering commercial cattle. In 1993, he stepped into the manager’s role at Saskatoon Livestock Sales, where he stayed for 26 years, and also served as a board member and president of the Livestock Marketing Association of Canada. Over the years, he developed a reputation as an honest businessman. Terrie was born in Saskatoon and raised on a grain farm in the Blucher area, where she was involved in the Blucher 4-H Multiple Club. She managed everything at the ranch while Mike was working away. Today they still raise commercial cattle, and work with their son, Matthew, on his purebred Black Angus herd.

Wes and Kim Olynyk. photo: Supplied

Wes and Kim Olynyk live at Goodeve, Sask., where both are active in the community. Kim worked off-farm for 35 years, mostly in home care, before retiring last year. Kim has also been integral to the success of the farm and family, helping with chores, seeding, harvesting and calving. Wes was an active member of his family’s operation, Crescent Creek Angus, from an early age. The Saskatchewan Angus Association named Crescent Creek the purebred breeder of the year in 2000. Wes has served as a board member and president of the Saskatchewan Angus Association. He’s also served on the commercial cattle show and sale committee with Canadian Western Agribition. In 2018, he was inducted into the Saskatchewan 4-H Hall of Fame for years of volunteerism. Wes remains a board member with the Canadian Angus Foundation, and has donated an embryo package and “pick of the herd” to the foundation in the past.

Don and Doris Perrin. photo: Supplied

Both Don and Doris Perrin grew up in the Maple Creek, Sask. area. In the 1960s, Don opened a public accounting practice in Maple Creek and was asked to serve as secretary/manager for the Saskatchewan Stock Growers Association, which he did for nearly 20 years. Don guided the association through difficult financial times and helped triple the membership, set up a province-wide zoning structure and new constitution. He also sat on the initial beef cattle check-off board of directors in Saskatchewan as well as the appeals committee. During this time, Doris acquired and ran a florist business in Maple Creek, which she eventually sold to a long-time employee and friend. Don and Doris also ran a small cow-calf operation for about 35 years. In 2014, they sold their cattle and land, but remain busy in retirement. Doris has written a book of poetry and Don composes music and plays guitar. They sing and perform regularly at senior establishments in Maple Creek.

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