Highest gross sales for Charolais bulls, Curt Rodgers passes

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Curt Rodgers at right. Photo taken in 1968 at Birchfield Farms, B.C.

The Charolais Bull Sale Summary, as reported in the May issue of the Charolais Banner magazine, shows sales in 2020 provided the highest gross ever (over $21 million) in the 39 years they have compiled these results. There were 198 more bulls sold in 99 sales reporting, and the sixth-highest overall average. Six per cent more bulls were sold, and the average was only off $51 at $5,938 or less than one per cent.

“These are pretty incredible numbers, all things considered this spring, but shows the increase in market share the breed is garnering. Crossbreeding is essential and Charolais are working on all breeds to give the hybrid vigour and identifiable product the industry can rely on,” says Helge By, publisher of Charolais Banner.

Auctioneer Curt Rodgers passes

A well-known name and auctioneer in purebred circles has passed away. Curtis Charles “Curt” Rodgers, 81, of Huntsville, Missouri, died April 10, 2020.

Over his lifetime, Rodgers sold purebred cattle, Arabian and Standardbred horses in more than 41 states, and all across Canada, the Bahama Islands and Denmark, notes Drovers. Following his start in the ’60s, Rodgers developed his own sales management firm under the name North American Auction Company, which he owned and operated for more than five decades. In the ’70s there weren’t many Charolais sales in Western Canada without “Colonel Curt Rodgers” as auctioneer on the mic with his gavel in hand. He also owned and published the Better Beef Business magazine. In 1981, Rodgers created Trophy Country, an outdoor hunting and fishing business on 6,300 acres which he continued to own and operate with his family until his passing.

Recognized by his peers for his influence and leadership in the purebred livestock business, Rodgers was inducted into the Livestock Marketeers Hall of Fame in 2004.

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