Michael Sidoryk retires from Lloydminster Exhibition

Purely Purebred with Mike Millar: News about you from the May 2020 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

Mike Sidoryk.

Anybody who has spent any time at the Lloydminster Exhibition in the last number of decades knows Mike Sidoryk. After starting his career in 1981, it wasn’t long before he became agricultural manager in 1985, and then general manager in 1989.

In his 39 years with the association, there has been a tremendous amount of growth in the city, the community and this organization. Sidoryk has embraced these changes with a positive attitude and a visionary approach. He has many accomplishments to back up his almost 40-year career at Lloyd Ex, but one of the highlights was overseeing the multi-million dollar expansion in 2010, which saw the facility grow not only in agricultural circles but urban as well. Sidoryk was also the president of the Alberta Association of Fairs and Exhibitions, helping to grow the fair industry to where it is today.

Agriculture was always top of mind with Sidoryk, especially when you looked on the walls and saw all the cattle ambassadors that were honoured over the years. These Lloydminster and area cattle producers were bastions of the industry and recognized as such. I don’t know of any exhibitions that recognize the cattle industry and their leaders as well as the Lloydminster Ex and that is largely thanks to Sidoryk.

I’ve personally known Mike Sidoryk for many years. I, along with many others, would agree that he is well-respected and liked by many. If you walked into his warm and inviting facility, he’d greet you with a big smile and a handshake. It didn’t matter if you were on the board or sweeping the grounds prior to an event, you were one of the family and a highly prized member of the team. This is the sign of a true leader and Mike Sidoryk filled this role admirably.

Good luck in your retirement, Mike. The Lloydminster Ex won’t be quite the same without you!

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