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Castration can be one of the most stressful and painful experiences for livestock.

Castration tips and pain control

Better to castrate bull calves at a younger age, otherwise growth can be affected

There are numerous reasons for bull calf castration beyond reducing sexual activity and reproduction. Bulls are naturally aggressive and so castration becomes necessary for the herd’s welfare and the protection of those that work with them. Bulls exhibit a lower-quality, inconsistent, tougher, less marbled carcass than steers. They also deliver a much larger number of […] Read more

The latest research into cattle transport looked at the effects of rest stop duration on calves.

Are your cattle fit to travel?

Transport: News Roundup from the January 2018 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

When it comes to culling and marketing cattle, are your animals fit to travel? The beef industry isn’t doing too bad but the dairy industry needs to pull up its socks. Overall there is room for improvement in all sectors of the cattle industry, says Melissa Moggy, a veterinarian and researcher with Alberta Farm Animal […] Read more

Peak Dot heifer donated to the Saskatchewan Stock Growers Association.

Peak Dot Ranch donates sale proceeds of heifer to SSGA

News about you, from the Nov. 2014 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

Peak Dot Ranch is donating the proceeds of the sale of a Peak Dot heifer (see photo above) to the Saskatchewan Stock Growers Association. Peak Dot Barbara 258S is a purebred heifer that comes from one of the most popular, longest-running cow families at Peak Dot Ranch. She is sired by Peak Dot Volt 950U, […] Read more