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Holistic Ranching: Financial planning

Holistic Management offers a very robust financial planning process. It differs from traditional bookkeeping in several key areas: We are always planning in the future. We would complete our financial plan before the year begins. We set our profit before the year begins. We spend our expense money more wisely. We monitor our plan monthly. […] Read more

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Holistic Ranching: Goal setting

Holistic Management is a decision-making process. It is designed to help us make better decisions. The idea is to make decisions that are simultaneously socially, environmentally and financially sound. One definition of HM is: how to care for your people, improve your land and make a profit. There it is, in a nutshell. When you […] Read more

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Drought management for pastures: Q & A

Tips on getting past a drought and when you should consider destocking

Q. We have just experienced the driest May on record. The growth on my pastures is pretty dismal. I am under a lot of pressure and stress. Can H M help me? A. Yes, definitely. H M is a decision-making process. Good decision-making is always important. In difficult times it is critical. Thank you so […] Read more

Holistic Ranching annual conference

About 150 people attended our annual HR conference at Manitou Beach near Watrous, Sask. David Irvine’s keynote address gave us two tasks for an integrated, successful life, individuation (growing up) and connection (having relationships). He says an integrated family business has four main points: People have their own goals and support each other in achieving […] Read more