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On the global front, a recent survey looked at the growing push-back from consumers on producing animal proteins using hormones.

The interrelationship in animal protein

Straight from the hip with Brenda Schoepp

Consumers around the world are making their needs very clear when it comes to animal protein. The Nielsen Global Health and Ingredient Sentiment Survey (2016) revealed what folks do not want in food. Surprisingly, the respondent results were consistently universal. Respondents were overwhelmingly concerned and did not want hormones or antibiotics in food in North […] Read more

Nine per cent of roasts and eight per cent of steaks carried traceability claims; less than two per cent carried claims related to animal diets.

Opportunities in the retail meat case

Seventy retail store visits and more than 21,000 packages of beef later, findings from the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association’s National Retail Meat Case study are coming together. This is the first big-picture view of how the beef you produce is being marketed to Canadian consumers. “Asking consumers what they would like to buy is not always […] Read more

Beef Watch: Canadian cattle herd steady

Prepared by the staff of Canfax and Canfax Research Services, divisions of the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association

Sellers have lost leverage throughout the supply chain as larger protein supplies in North America are pressuring prices down. Lower cattle prices have resulted in serious red ink for feedlots and disappointing calf prices this fall. Cow-calf returns have dropped but remain above the 10-year average. For producers who have made major infrastructure investments over […] Read more

High pressure beef processing

Research on the Record with Reynold Bergen

In high pressure processing (HPP), food is sealed in water-resistant packaging, placed in a water-filled container, and exposed to very high hydrostatic pressures (up to 87,000 psi) for three to nine minutes. High pressure is harmful or deadly to many pathogenic and spoilage bacteria, so HPP can improve food safety and extend shelf life. But […] Read more

Farm gate prices fall in August on meat, dairy

Ottawa | Reuters — Canadian producer prices unexpectedly fell in August as meat and dairy products saw the largest decrease in nearly nine years, while lower prices for energy and petroleum products also weighed, data from Statistics Canada showed on Friday. The 0.5 per cent decline in producer prices fell well short of analysts’ expectations […] Read more

Producer Bob Lowe says the Canadian beef industry needs to get behind producing verified sustainable beef.

Sustainable beef is within our grasp

McDonald’s Restaurant project set the tone for Canadian beef industry

Alberta cattleman Bob Lowe didn’t have to do any management back flips on his ranch to produce cattle that under a recently completed pilot project qualify as “verifiable sustainable beef.” He has always aimed to apply sound production and environmental practices with his 500-head commercial cow-calf operation and 7,000-head-capacity southern Alberta feedlot. He and family […] Read more

The real cost of fat

In his recent article Yield is down, fat is up, pg. 55, February 2016 Canadian Cattlemen, Charlie Gracey did an excellent job of highlighting excess fat as a serious issue for the Canadian beef industry. Creating more marbled carcasses by feeding cattle longer has resulted in larger carcasses, excessive fat cover and plummeting yields. Although […] Read more

The animal care model is tied very closely to the requirements of the new Beef Cattle Code of Practice.

Comment: We can audit for animal care

As I write this the vitriol that flooded over the industry after Earls Restaurant chain announced it would buy only Certified Humane Beef from the U.S. has started to fade from the headlines, the Blogosphere and Twitterland. Reading through the debris field of this latest battle for beef’s reputation I have to admit I’m having […] Read more

Weak beef exports are a concern

Prime Cuts with Steve Kay, from the May 2016 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

Mexico and Canada in 2015 were, respectively, the No. 1 and No. 4 volume destinations for U.S. beef exports. So it’s no understatement to say that the integrated North American market is vital for the health of the U.S. cattle/beef industry. It thus came as something of a shock that exports the first two months […] Read more

Beef Watch: U.S. cattle herd expanding, Canadian herds stabilized

Prepared by the staff of Canfax and Canfax Research Services, divisions of the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association

The U.S. herd is expanding, while the Canadian beef cattle herd has stabilized. Cattle prices have peaked and producers are now watching to see how far and how fast prices will drop with more pounds of protein available in North America. This will be largely determined by domestic and international demand, which were very strong […] Read more