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Kenyon: Why I won’t be a salesman

Management: News Roundup from the April 2017 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

For years I have been teaching at schools and presenting at conferences and seminars. I’m not sure how that ever happened but I love the educational side of my business. I teach about many different parts of my business. This includes grazing, fencing, economics, winter grazing, human resources, water systems and numerous other topics. Throughout […] Read more

The economics behind bale grazing

Grazing with Steve Kenyon

A lot of farmers only see one type of cost when it comes to feeding cattle. They see the feed cost. However, there are other costs which are often overlooked. This would be the act of feeding, also called the yardage cost. The reason this is not always included is because it is not a […] Read more

Be a soil farmer

When I first started farming, I bought some cows. I was a cattle farmer. I eventually figured out that if I could take good care of the grass, it would take care of the cattle. When I determined the cattle were simply a tool to manage the grass, I became a grass farmer. A few […] Read more

Intensive cell grazing for times of drought: It works!

I learned a long 
time ago you 
cannot plan 
for a drought in 
a drought. 
If that is your 
plan, you are 
way too late

In 2002, we had the worst drought in 80 years; 2003 was also dry and the grasshoppers were insane. In 2008, we had another drought. 2009 was also very dry and it was the only year I had to destock early. Now we are in 2015 and we have a severe drought in my area. What do […] Read more