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Speckle Park breeders bring home two Grand Champion awards

Purely Purebred with Mike Millar: News about you from the March 2018 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

The Canadian Angus Association celebrated 50 years of Red Angus in its herd book by recognizing Ken and Rebecca Mackenzie for their 50 years of membership in the CAA. Ken’s grandfather established the Mackenzie farmstead in 1898 with an original herd of Shorthorn cattle. The Mackenzie Brothers family operation, composed of Ken and his four […] Read more

U.S. livestock: Supply buildup fears undercut CME live cattle

Chicago | Reuters — Chicago Mercantile Exchange live cattle on Thursday reversed Wednesday’s gains, weakened by fund liquidation and concerns about rising supplies, said traders. More cattle tend to come to market as warmer spring temperatures allow livestock to gain weight faster. And, the most recent U.S. government monthly cattle report implies increased cattle numbers […] Read more

calf and cow feeding

To creep feed or not?

Feeding: News Roundup from the March 2018 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

Creep feeding is the practice of providing a highly digestible supplemental feed source to beef calves. Implementation of a creep-feeding strategy allows for increased pre-weaning weights, improved cow body condition score and increased pasture availability by reducing average forage consumption per calf. A successful creep-feeding program also requires access to clean, fresh water at all […] Read more


U.S. livestock: CME live cattle end higher but off morning tops

Chicago | Reuters — Chicago Mercantile Exchange live cattle settled higher after Wednesday’s volatile session, supported by the uptick in wholesale beef values and futures’ discounts to this week’s cash prices, said traders. Futures slipped from session highs due to the looming seasonal bump in supplies and U.S. stocks’ tumble amid renewed trade war fears. […] Read more

Post-calving nutrition determines next year’s success

Management: Your cow's nutritional regime will have a major influence on when and if it gets bred.

In some areas of Canada this has been a very difficult winter to be a cow-calf producer. With last summer’s drought and the current feed shortage in those areas, many producers are left pondering what to do. Barry Yaremcio, a nutrition specialist with Alberta Agriculture and Forestry, and Murray Feist a beef cattle nutritionist with […] Read more