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Hail beats up southern Alberta for a second year

Southern Alberta has had quite a beating from Mother Nature this summer. The hail season started early with crop-damaging hailstorms during the last week of May in both Lethbridge and Vulcan areas. Storms were particularly violent and widespread over July 5-8, when some motorists reported driving through hailstorms as tough as any winter storm and […] Read more

Genetic Defects Are Uncommon

If you calve enough cows, sooner or later you’ll see some sort of birth defect — an ugly calf born dead or half-alive with no chance of thriving. For the vast majority, it’s an isolated event and the cause is never uncovered. Some are due to lethal genetic defects, due to a defective gene carried […] Read more

Ed Stronks likes it so much he’s offering it for sale

Ed Stronks finally has a computer system that makes everything and everyone in his feedlot work better, and all his employees love it. The system has been such a success, they’ve formed a company and sold it to other feedlot operators. The computer system wirelessly connects key parts of the feedlot and automatically records ration […] Read more

Speckle Park cattle fit this traditional work routine

Greg Melchior doesn’t have time for cows that need a lot of costly inputs or constant attention, even if it is calving season. As long as there’s ice in the arena, the cattleman from North Battleford, Saskatchewan is busy teaching skating. He’s set up his cattle operation to fit his schedule with the minimum of […] Read more

375 Calves, 2 Assists

“ These days, we need more cows to make a living, but we don’t need more work.” Many cattlemen agree, but Richard Alger is making it work for him on his ranch at Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan. The first part is that the calves are almost all born without help. This past spring, Alger had to […] Read more