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To creep feed or not?

Feeding: News Roundup from the March 2018 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

Creep feeding is the practice of providing a highly digestible supplemental feed source to beef calves. Implementation of a creep-feeding strategy allows for increased pre-weaning weights, improved cow body condition score and increased pasture availability by reducing average forage consumption per calf. A successful creep-feeding program also requires access to clean, fresh water at all […] Read more

From calf to calf, minerals help you get there

From calf to calf, minerals help you get there

Nutrition: News Roundup from the February 2018 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

Minerals are an essential part of a nutritionally balanced diet for beef cows. Unfortunately they are also a part of the diet that is overlooked due to the small inclusion rate. Those small inclusions are necessary to keep a cow running efficiently, making her capable of producing healthy, lively calves. The economics Minerals, such as […] Read more