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a young man and woman in a pasture

Lance and Shari Leachman: Just getting started in the cattle industry

The number of young people entering the cattle business may be limited, but there is nothing limited about their passion for the industry and their drive

Getting started in the cattle industry can present a daunting challenge for even the most determined young adults. High input costs, traditionally volatile markets with no guarantee of return on investment, and the physically and mentally demanding nature of spending 365-day a year raising cattle are just a few of the major hurdles that a […] Read more

cow in a holding chute

Mustering and drafting down under

In July 2014, my fiancé Colin and I had the opportunity to work on Manali Limousin and Lim-Flex stud near Scone, New South Wales, Australia. Over the course of the month we fed cattle, built fence and welded gates, and spent numerous full days clipping and washing 56 two-year-old bulls that would be sold in […] Read more