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History: World Trade Problems & Opportunities

Reprinted from the April 1953 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

World Trade Problems & Opportunities
By Dr. Claude Isbister

An address by Dr. Claude Isbister, Department of Trade and Commerce, Ottawa, before the 57th Annual Meeting of the Western Stock Growers’ Association held at Calgary, February 12, 13, 1953.

‘The Rt. Honorable James G. Gardiner, Canada’s Minister of Agriculture, has just spoken to you of the position of the beef cattle industry and the prospects for 1953. He spoke with authority and responsibility of a Minister of the Crown. My assignment is to cover the somewhat wider field of foreign trade in general. As a government official, it is my duty to avoid becoming involved in controversial questions of public policy which must be settled in Parliament. I shall attempt in what I say, to confine myself to the role of reporter and commentator.’

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