Alberta Angus breeders see international success

Purely Purebred, news from the February 2021 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

103B with Dyce Bolduc, William and Karen Mclaren the day she was chosen.

HW Netherton Claymore 3H was born and bred on Cudlobe Angus. However, his dam and grand-dam are owned by HW Netherton in Scotland. The grand-dam is a Cudlobe-bred female purchased by HW Netherton at the 2017 Canadian Angus Foundation Sale. HW Netherton has both females on shares, and rather than exporting them to Scotland, they have remained at Cudlobe’s Stavely-area ranch.

Cudlobe donated the pick of their bred heifers that same year and Cudlobe Blacklass 103B was the chosen female out of a pen of 120 bred heifers selected by HW Netherton representatives William and Karen McLaren.

On December 9, 2020, HW Netherton Claymore 3H sold in the 21st annual “Real Bulls for Real Cowboys” bull sale and topped the sale at $22,000 to Stevenson Angus Ranch in Hobson, Montana. Named after a Scottish sword, his story is being told in papers across Scotland and shows that Canadian Angus genetics are making an impact in the birthplace of Angus cattle.

In addition, the Stevensons purchased a second bull, Cudlobe Stavely 81H, named in honour of his home town of Stavely, Alta.

Cudlobe Angus is excited about the future of both bulls and what they have to offer to the breed along with their old- world Angus connection!

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