Cargill and TrustBIX double down on sustainable beef efforts

Sustainable beef from certified farms and ranches is raised, processed and delivered with the future in mind

Cargill and TrustBIX double down on sustainable beef efforts

TrustBIX and Cargill signed a new agreement February 26, 2020 for TrustBIX to continue to provide chain-of-custody services that enable Cargill to offer sustainable beef sourcing to its Canadian customers. Cargill has and continues to develop multiple customer solutions that adhere to the Certified Sustainable Beef Framework.  The Certified Sustainable Beef Framework is an operation-level certification program developed by the Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (CRSB), an organization dedicated to advancing sustainability in Canadian beef production.

TrustBIX provides independent validation of sustainable production practices within the cattle supply chain on behalf of Cargill’s program. The company’s proprietary platform, Business infoXchange (“BIX”) is designed to create trust without compromising privacy through innovative use of data and technology.

The announcement is made as Cargill continues to convert its Canadian Beef Sustainability Acceleration pilot project into a longer-term customer solution. This pilot project was the first to incorporate, test and validate the principles and criteria for CRSB’s Certified Sustainable Beef Framework. Cargill has elected to provide financial rewards to farmers and ranchers that deliver qualifying cattle into its certified processing plants.

TrustBIX Chief Industry Engagement Officer, Deborah Wilson, commented that “TrustBIX is proud to be part of the journey to bring sustainably produced beef to the market. It has been a collaborative work in progress, with the CRSB continuing to build on the existing framework showcasing the tremendous advantages of beef production to the environment. We will continue to support efforts in validating sustainable and best management practices to agri-food companies, providing assurance to consumers about their food”.

The decision by Cargill to continue sourcing beef that adheres to the CRSB’s Framework is a significant step in TrustBIX’s journey to help build a more sustainable future for the agricultural supply chain, consumers and the planet.

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