PURELY PUREBRED – for Nov. 8, 2010

Here is your mystery picture — a long-time cattle breeder that many of you may know, but this picture is 44 years old, so get your thinking caps on. Last reports were this fellow and his wife still run a few purebred cows.

I often get emails or phone calls from readers letting me know that they can identify individuals in the “Old-timer pictures.” This is an email that I received from Alana Van Steelandt of Melita, Man., identifying the young people in the photo in the Oct. 4 issue. “I think the two youngsters in the October photo are Lois (Gordon) McRae and Blair McRae of Brandon at their 4-H Show in the late ’60s or early ’70s. I believe Lois had Champion and Blair had Reserve.” Good eye, Alana! Andy Hart, Willabar Angus in Claresholm, Alta., correctly identified Lois as well.

I will be attending Canadian Western Agribition again this year, so if you see me walking through the barns, or in my booth be sure to stop and visit. I will be enjoying the atmosphere of the barns and getting the opportunity to check out the great cattle. I always appreciate a well-presented string of good cattle, as I have first-hand knowledge of what it takes to get the cattle and stall looking that good! I have to admit I miss it — getting up at 3 or 4 a. m. to wash cattle, air blowing cattle for hours, doing the bed pack, wearing Carharts and standing on concrete 12 to 14 hours a day, How could I not miss all of that?

Dale Norheim, a well-known Saskatchewan Charolais breeder and sales manager, died in a quad accident while moving cows Oct. 16. Prior to earning his degree in agriculture from the University of Saskatchewan in 1972, Dale fitted cattle for John Rudiger of Calgary who was instrumental in introducing the white breed to North America so it was not surprising when he later became a breeder, promoter, sales manager and leader in the Charolais community. Donations in Dale’s memory can be made to the Dale Norheim Memorial Fund in Support of Youth and Agriculture (c/o The Charolais Banner, 124 Shannon Road, Regina, Sask. S4S SB1) or to the Hanley First Responders (Box 178, Hanley Sask., S0G 2E0). My personal condolences go out to Lesley and family.

Michael Tupling, a partner in Rolling’ Acres Charolais in Ontario, was killed in a farm accident on Sept. 21 at 31 years of age. He leaves his wife Shannon, 18-month old daughter Myah and their expected second child to be born in January. Michael was as assistant coach of the juvenile hockey team out of Honeywood, Ont. as well as being involved with 4-H and Junior Farmers. A trust fund has been established for the Tupling children — contributions can be made at TD Canada Trust (account 6338244, branch 1592). Saunders Charolais, Markdale, Ont. donated a heifer calf to help build this trust fund. The heifer calf is being auctioned prior to the start of the Royal Elite All Breed Sale on Nov. 6 in Toronto. Tickets are $10 each and are available prior to the event from Colin Montroy, 519-940-0949 or Brent Saunders, 519-986-4165.

The Hereford production sales held in Ontario, Alberta and Saskatchewan have all seen increased averages from last year. All the sales enjoyed an increase in demand from the United States. Overall, the mood has been very positive as the Hereford breed continues to see more demand for both females and bulls. Brad Dubeau of the Canadian Hereford Association says he expects the trend to carry through for the remainder of the fall and into the spring of 2011.

For the first time in recent memory, there is a Canadian on the International Limousin Council (ILC). Anne Brunet-Burgess, general manager of the Canadian Limousin Association, was recently awarded a seat on the council. The ILC consists of five members, from Wales, France, United Kingdom, Australia and now Canada. Anne, you will notice, is the only representative from the Americas. The conference itself was attended by 65 overseas visitors from 12 countries; Australia, Argentina, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Denmark, Ireland, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Uruguay, United Kingdom and USA. Canada was represented by Mary Hertz, president of the Canadian Limousin Association as well as Anne Brunet-Burgess. The week featured a mix of ranch visits, cultural visits, technical sessions, and an impressive Limousin show all presented with impressive Mexican hospitality.

A new concept is occurring this fall as Farmfair International proudly partners with Direct Livestock Marketing Systems (DLMS) to broadcast the 2010 Beef Shows and Sales online atwww.dlms.ca. This should increase exposure for the livestock at Farmfair this fall.

Commercial Limousin Calf sales are listed on the Canadian Limousin Association website under coming events and under the commercial calf listing service. To date there are five sales listed featuring Limousin commercial calves.

On Oct. 12 Justamere Ranches held their 11th Annual Angus Sale of the Year at Justamere Headquarters, Lloydminster, Sask. The sale featured 63 Black Angus lots which included: herd sire prospects — heifer calves, bred heifers and cow-calf pairs. Guest consignors were Express Ranches, Bandura Ranches and Chute Creek Ranch. The sale also featured live Internet bidding through DLMS.

Canadian Hereford Association directors Burt Grundy and Wally Pugh represented the CHA with the Canadian Beef Breeds Council when they attended the Golden Autumn Show in Moscow, Russia promoting Canadian Hereford genetics.

On Oct. 22 at the Red Roundup gala event, the Canadian Angus Association, through Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed, launched a partnership with CedarCreek Estates Winery to jointly promote Canadian Angus beef and Canadian wine. CAA Assistant General Manager Michael Latimer says the partnership allows both organizations to run cross-promotions and cost share the expenses leaving more money on the table for additional promotions.

Gordon Stephenson, general manager of the Canadian Hereford Association and Roger Peters of Peterosa Exports International attended the Exposicion Ganadera 2010 in Guadalajara, Mexico promoting Canadian Hereford genetics.

The Canadian Cattle Identification Agency (CCIA) extended call centre customer service hours for the fall run from Oct. 1 to Dec. 31, 2010. The centre is now open Monday to Friday, 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. MST. Customer support for the Canadian Livestock Tracking System (CLTS) can be accessed by phone at 1-877-909-BEEF (2333).

CCIA also recently added CLTS upgrades including: CLTS Lite, CLTS MOBO, a new resource centre and a French version of the database. Visitwww.canadaid.ca to learn more about the enhanced services.

Alberta breeders are proud to be hosting the 2010 National Limousin Show and the Bonanza Gold Show. The committee is planning a day of activities for Friday, Nov. 12 at Farmfair, held at Edmonton’s EXPO Centre. Festivities kick off with the 2nd Annual Limousin Bulls and Breakfast for breeders and buyers where the exhibitors are encouraged to display the best of their genetics in a relaxed and comfortable environment. This year a $1,000 bull credit sponsored by the Alberta Limousin Association will be up for grabs during the breakfast.

In front of a large crowd at the Fall Salers Show in Richmond Que., Salers Association of Canada treasurer Brian Jones and president Gerald McGee, drew the winning names in this year’s Sun Fun promotion. Members that enter the breeder’s draw become eligible to win one trip and nominate their customers for the bull buyer’s draw with a grand prize of two trips to an all-inclusive resort in Cuba. Bull sales from January 1 through the end of August qualified the buyer, as long as the bull was registered and the certificate transferred to the buyer’s name. First-time winner of the breeder’s ticket this year is Randy Mader of Mader Ranches Inc., Carstairs, Alta. The buyers’ prize went to commercial producer Darrell Vermunt of Gleichen Alta., on a ticket for a bull purchased from Reg Baldwin of Spring Coulee Salers.

The Alberta Beef Producers (ABP) congratulated the Government of Alberta for officially agreeing to implement a $1 non-refundable levy on cattle sales in the province before the end of 2010 to support national marketing, research and promotion programs. The levy replaces the $1 national portion of the ABP’s refundable $3 checkoff. This announcement puts Alberta back on an even footing with other provinces and allows the national agency to seek a levy on imported cattle and beef to fund future industry initiatives. The government approved the new levy after it was agreed to by the ABP and the Alberta Cattle Feeders Association. The regulation will expire on Mar. 31, 2013.

Canada’s first commercial shipments of beef and tallow to China in seven years may happen in December or early 2011, with technical work remaining to follow through on the Asian country’s political commitment to ease restrictions, an industry official said in mid-October.

Stonefire Grill, a fast-casual dining chain in southern California, is now the first restaurant chain in the United States to actively promote Canadian beef.

Working with the Beef Information Centre (BIC), Stonefire Grill offers a Canadian tri tip on its menu, and has added the Canadian beef brand mark to their marketing materials.

“This is a great development for us,” says Judy Nelson, BIC chair and a cow-calf producer at Lundbreck, Alta. “While Canadian beef is served at many restaurants in the U.S., Stonefire Grill is the first to put the Canadian beef brand logo on their materials.”

BIC first developed a relationship with Stonefire Grill at a National Restaurant Association tradeshow, and worked with them to identify their Canadian beef specifications and supply needs.

Ken Baker, Valerie Burgardt and Mike Kotelko were recently appointed to three-year terms on the Lakeland College Board of Governors. “We’re extremely fortunate that these people are prepared to contribute to the governance of Lakeland College,” said Doug Elliott, chairman of the board.


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