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It would be very difficult for the U.S. to maintain their healthy beef export market without an imported supply of cattle from Canada.

Here we go again

Tariff disputes with the U.S. are nothing new

For many years we have complacently assumed that American displeasure with Canada’s supply management regime for dairy and poultry production was an issue well isolated from other agricultural sectors. This perhaps was never the case, but it certainly is no longer. If the wayward and quixotic President Trump can slap punitive duties on steel and […] Read more

Musings on how much cattle eat and drink

Charlie Gracey looks at grain and water usage in cattle

Conventional wisdom holds that beef cattle are wasteful users of grain and in direct competition with humans for finite supplies of food grains and water. Thus the large acreages devoted to feed grains might better be deployed in the production of crops directly consumable by humans. This observation may appear logical on the surface but, […] Read more

An industry in crisis

Is there a way back? Cow-calf producers hold the key

A cattle-feeding industry that by year-end will have lost an estimated billion dollars since August 2015 plus a cow-calf sector that has lost more than one million cows and over 20,000 producers in the past decade strongly suggests an industry in crisis. Cattle feeders might be excused if they are not quite as optimistic about […] Read more

Charlie Gracey

Sharing the grade

The sharing of grading information is being seen as a necessary step for the future development of Canada’s beef business

Beef industry consultant Charlie Gracey weaves his way through several sticking points to conclude feedlots, and ultimately, packers are out of excuses for not sharing carcass information with cow-calf producers. “Now the industry has the opportunity to move forward. All the necessary pieces are in place. Electronic identification tags make it possible to link carcass […] Read more

The real cost of fat

In his recent article Yield is down, fat is up, pg. 55, February 2016 Canadian Cattlemen, Charlie Gracey did an excellent job of highlighting excess fat as a serious issue for the Canadian beef industry. Creating more marbled carcasses by feeding cattle longer has resulted in larger carcasses, excessive fat cover and plummeting yields. Although […] Read more

Beef Grading: Yield is down, fat is up

News Roundup from the February 2016 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

The year-end 2015 grading results are cause for concern but I doubt many have noticed. On the positive side we see a very sharp increase in AAA carcasses from 57.1 per cent of the total in the Prime to A series to 62.0 per cent. In fact Prime plus AAA now make up almost two-thirds […] Read more