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North Dakota beef production costs jump 200 per cent

News Roundup from the October 5, 2015 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

Beef production is becoming expensive. I am not referring to the end product but rather to the weaned calf. The cost per pound weaned per exposed cow has jumped 200 per cent since the turn of the century. That is not good news. Cost control is critical in every business. If costs are allowed to […] Read more

cattle eating hay in the snow

The danger in strong cattle prices

Plan for a profit, but always keep a watchful eye on your cost of production

It may sound odd to suggest that there is a hidden danger in strong cattle prices. Perhaps there is a danger precisely because most producers don’t recognize that there is such a thing. I believe that there is a hidden danger. As responsible producers we need to recognize the danger and take steps to avoid […] Read more