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Globalized economy seen more susceptible to weather extremes

Barcelona | Thomson Reuters Foundation — The globalization of the world’s economy this century has made it far more vulnerable to the impacts of extreme weather, including heat stress on workers, scientists said Friday. A study by the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research and Columbia University showed production losses caused by high temperatures, predicted […] Read more

Black Angus Cow

Tips to help cattle cope with summertime heat stress

If cows and calves aren't eating, overall performance and weight gains are down

I always feel sorry for beef cattle in an open field that cannot escape the hot summer sun. The other day I was driving a pasture with about 30 Black Angus cows and spring calves. Not a tree or waterer in sight. All the animals were crowded together, none were grazing and their calves were […] Read more

A Colorado low you say – only in Manitoba

A Colorado low you say – only in Manitoba

Understanding heat stress in beef cattle and the 'thermal neutral zone'

There is a great deal of newsprint these days about the relative merits of a “Colorado High,” a subject I will leave readers to explore on their own. In May, however, Manitoba residents were introduced to a “Colorado Low,” an intense weather system that moved up from North Dakota and Montana over the Victoria Day long […] Read more