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Students learning about equipment maintenance and repair. Pictured from left to right: Magalie Steiner, instructor Lynn Bonner and Majeed Nashiru.

College program offers employment-ready ranching skills

B.C.-based program gets students’ hands dirty while focusing on operation and land management

If you wanted to get a well-rounded view of what it’s like to ranch in virtually any part of the country, you’d be hard-pressed to do much better than Williams Lake, B.C. Nestled in the central interior region of the province, the city is square in the middle of one of the most diverse environments […] Read more

Tyler Fewings believes lifelong learning is vital in today’s beef industry.

The challenge of starting a cattle ranch from scratch

Thinking outside the box, taking advice from mentors and old-fashioned hard work are vital to tackling challenges, say farm advisors

While there are plenty of exceptions, beef operations have traditionally been cross-gener­ational family businesses. There’s a good reason for that: while inheriting land doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve hit a home run, it at least puts you on a base. But what about those young, hopeful beef producers who want to get in the game but […] Read more

Armitage’s irrigation line doubles as an electrified fence during the fall and winter grazing season.

Electrified irrigation wheel line offers several benefits

“The electrified wheel line has been a big asset to make our haylands last longer...”

A rancher in southwestern Alberta has created an innovation that allows an irrigation wheel line to perform double duty. David Armitage, who ranches on his family’s operation at Mountain View, Alta., close to Waterton Lakes National Park, discovered that rather than continually move conventional electric fences to rotationally graze his hayland, he could work with […] Read more


History: Chief Justice William C. Ives, “The Cowboy Judge”

Reprinted from the June 1950 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

Chief Justice William C. Ives, “The Cowboy Judge” By Guy Weadick, High River, Alta. ‘”He’s a top hand!” That expression is the highest degree that can be conferred on a cowpuncher on anybody’s range, in the sure-enough cow-country. It denotes about as near perfection as can ever be expected. Through the years that he spent […] Read more

A sampler of ranchers’ views on 2017

As might be expected, their plans range from expansion to standing pat and retirement

Rebuilding and expanding herds, or staying about the same — that seems to be what western Canadian ranchers have in mind as they head into 2017. Despite a sharp downturn in the cattle markets in 2016, only one member of this Ranchers’ Panel was talking about downsizing, with retirement in mind. The 2016 fall market […] Read more

Gordon (Happy Jack) Johnson, deceased 1945, onetime manager of the Mexico Ranch at Steveville, Alta., which was owned by Lord Beresford. Photo taken about 1915.

History: Old Cow-Wagon Days

Reprinted from the June 1950 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

Old Cow-Wagon Days By E. J. (Bud) Cotton, 2022 – 27th St. S.W., Calgary, Alta. ‘The summer of 1909 found us with our chuck wagon drifting a herd of beef steers among the coulees and flats of the Kneehill and Rosebud creeks in Alberta. We had picked the herd up early that spring from the […] Read more

Ranchers tell their story

Sustainability: News Roundup from the October 3, 2016 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

Scott Parker, with the National Film Board, is telling the good news story about grazing through nine short films on how ranchers on the Canadian Prairie are managing their grazing lands to sustain a healthy ecosystem. Called the “Grasslands Project,” the films tell important prairie stories from the southern end of Alberta and Saskatchewan about […] Read more

History: Ranching in the Peace

Reprinted from the April 1950 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

Ranching in the Peace By R. D. Symons, Bear Flat via Fort St. John, B.C. ‘Up here in the Peace River Block, the industry is in its infancy and our problems are pressing – so much so that while this country is predominantly suited to livestock raising, especially towards the mountains, it may never develop […] Read more

The Ross Ranches' roundup wagon, George Ross shown sixth from the left.

History: Pioneer Outfit in Canada’s Range Livestock Industry

Reprinted from the February 1950 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

History: Pioneer Outfit in Canada’s Range Livestock Industry By Guy Weadick, High River, Alta. ‘Always Welcome: A Stranger, a Friend, a Chinook in Winter, a Rain or a Calf in Summer That is the heading on the stationary of the Ross Ranches, which comprise the Ross Ranching Co. Ltd., Milk River Cattle Co. Ltd., and […] Read more