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A new report has put a dollar value on the stewardship provided by Alberta's leaseholders.

Polycultures: A cocktail forage mix for semiarid prairies

Producers rely on grazing native, tame perennial pastures or stockpiled forages to typically feed their cattle. Annual diverse forage mixtures give producers an opportunity to provide high quality feed while also gaining additional benefits for the soil and ecosystem. Polycultures could even be integrated into a crop rotation or used as green manure (working it […] Read more

A file photo showing different seeding rates of Saltlander compared to plots containing foxtail barley

Saline-tolerant AC Saltlander under the microscope

New research shows 
forage's potential cost benefit 

It takes a good deal of time to develop a new forage variety and determine the best way to manage it but in the case of AC Saltlander green wheatgrass the timing couldn’t be better for Prairie producers growing anxious about future droughts. AC Saltlander is a perennial green wheatgrass with a high tolerance for […] Read more

The Canadian milkvetch nursery as seen during a tour of the Swift Current forage trials this summer.

Giving birth to new native grasses

Forages: News Roundup from the November 2017 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

Native forage breeders at Swift Current Research and Development Centre spend their careers attempting to capture and transfer the diversity of native forages into new composite varieties that offer better health and productivity than the originals. “It takes multiple years to identify what we want and then make sure that a characteristic we are highlighting […] Read more

Swift Current Research Station gets a makeover

Research: News Roundup from the August 2017 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

August is moving month at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s Swift Current Research and Development Centre for staff who are settling into newly constructed laboratories to replace the old wing built in the 1960s. Bruce McArthur, associate director of research, development and tech transfer, says the new laboratories have the electrical and internet capacity needed to […] Read more