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COVID-19 and the farm: Stories from the GFM network

COVID-19 has added an unprecedented level of uncertainty and disruption to the agricultural communities we serve. Throughout this crisis, Glacier FarmMedia is leveraging the strength of its farm news network to help you stay up to date on developments important to your family and farm. Look here for links to all the coverage provided by our publications. These are difficult times. We hope our efforts to keep you informed about the impact on agriculture are helpful. – Laura Rance, vice-president of content, Glacier FarmMedia

Alberta Farmer Express

Mar. 30, 2020: Sick employee disrupts slaughter at Harmony Beef

Mar. 26, 2020: Make food supply an essential service, says Alberta’s ag minister

Mar. 26, 2020: No need to ramp up egg production, says official

Mar. 25, 2020: Lots of flour to go around, millers’ association says

Mar. 25, 2020: 2018 cash advance deadline extended on pandemic concerns

Mar. 24, 2020: It might seem far off — but a bright new future is before us

Mar. 24, 2020: Decision on temporary foreign workers a boost for Alberta beekeepers

Mar. 24, 2020: Alberta Milk working to increase milk supply

Mar. 23, 2020: In the face of this crisis, we will all carry on

Mar. 20, 2020: Ahead of any emergency, plan for the worst

Mar. 19, 2020: No delays expected in fertilizer distribution

Mar. 18, 2020: Pork supply chain not experiencing disruptions, says hog marketing agency

Mar. 18, 2020: Seed supplies are strong, no delivery problems expected

Mar. 17, 2020: Call your vet before you go to clinic during COVID-19

Mar. 17, 2020: Livestock auction marts to decide on next steps

Mar. 17, 2020: Where to get information on COVID-19 in Alberta

Mar.14, 2020: Impacts on ag expected as COVID-19 rocks markets

Canadian Cattlemen

Mar. 30, 2020: COVID-19 strains already-battered Ontario beef industry

Mar. 28, 2020: University of Saskatchewan reviewing research projects

Mar. 27, 2020: Alberta’s Harmony Beef halts slaughter on positive COVID-19 test

Mar. 26, 2020: JBS sees steady trade flows but flags export woes

Mar. 24, 2020: University of Manitoba restricts research activity

Mar. 24, 2020: Manitoba auction marts restrict access

Mar. 24, 2020: Feeder market remains vulnerable: Klassen

Mar. 24, 2020: As meat demand rises, processors raise pay for farmers, workers

Mar. 23, 2020: With COVID-19, home cooking is getting its mojo back: Charlebois

Mar. 23, 2020: COVID-19 shifts bull buyers online

Mar. 20, 2020: Beef sector mobilizes against supply disruptions

Mar. 19, 2020: Feed weekly outlook: Grain prices mostly steady through market turmoil

Mar. 17, 2020: Simple goes bad

Mar. 17, 2020: Uncertainty drags on Canadian cattle markets

Mar. 16, 2020: U.S. under pressure to keep slaughterhouses open

Mar. 3, 2020: Coronavirus fears weigh on feeder markets

Country Guide

Mar. 30, 2020: COVID-19 cases shut Olymel hog slaughter plant

Mar. 26: 2020: U.S. egg prices hit record levels as pandemic buying boosts demand

Mar. 25, 2020: CBOT weekly outlook: Wheat futures underpinned for now

Mar. 24, 2020: Safety protocols in place for farmers’ grain deliveries

Mar. 23, 2020: Cash advance repayment deadlines extended

Mar. 21, 2020: Plans in development to get temp foreign workers into Canada

Mar. 19, 2020: Saskatchewan pares ag spending in estimates

Mar. 18, 2020: No Prairie farm fuel shortages expected in pandemic

Mar. 9, 2020: Ethanol makers see demand surge on hand sanitizer stockpiling

Mar. 9, 2020: Oil price war spells bad news for Canada, global market


Mar. 30, 2020: Fairlife plant opening delayed by COVID-19 travel restrictions

Mar. 30, 2020: Tips for safe bull sales

Mar. 30, 2020: Ontario ethanol production drops with low prices and demand

Mar. 26, 2020: Dairy sector shuts down most visits from off-farm providers

Mar. 24, 2020: Ideas conference goes virtual due to COVID-19

Mar. 23, 2020: Agriculture and supply chain part of essential service list

Mar. 23, 2020: Meat packing sector needs federal inspectors

Mar. 19, 2020: Distilleries make sanitizers to meet pandemic demand

Mar. 18, 2020: Take extra steps to keep farm workers safe during COVID-19

Mar. 18, 2020: Crop input availability should be normal despite COVID-19

Mar. 18, 2020: Temporary foreign workers exempt from Canada’s travel ban

Mar. 18: Federal COVID-19 response for ag sector remains unclear

Mar. 17, 2020: Seasonal workers caught up in COVID-19 border closure

Mar. 16, 2020: Ontario agriculture event status

Mar. 13, 2020: Sick with COVID-19? Stay away from animals if possible

Mar. 13, 2020: Ottawa farm show, March Classic cancelled due to coronavirus pandemic

Mar. 11, 2020: CBOT weekly outlook: Markets focused on virus, oil prices, stocks


Mar. 30, 2020: Saskatchewan crop insurance deadline pushed to mid-April

Mar. 30, 2020: Ottawa expected to ‘officially’ declare ag an essential service

Mar. 26, 2020: Farm suppliers race COVID-19 spread for planting season

Mar. 26, 2020: Cross-border truckers exempt from mandatory isolation

Mar. 25, 2020: Important to heed COVID-19 advice: Lee Hart

Mar. 24, 2020: Farming through the coronavirus

Mar. 24, 2020: Pulse weekly outlook: Lack of willing sellers underpins prices

Mar. 23, 2020: Risk management in a chaotic world

Mar. 23, 2020: Solid demand, logistics underpin durum bids

Mar. 23, 2020: Panic buying, lockdowns may drive world food inflation

Mar. 18, 2020: Prairie elevators’ staff aim for on-site distancing

Mar. 18, 2020: ICE weekly outlook: More virus volatility expected in canola

Mar. 17, 2020: Grain price slump attracts bargain-hunting by importers

Mar. 16, 2020: COVID-19 and farm workers: How do we manage on the farm?

Mar. 5, 2020: Ag chem industry watching COVID-19’s spread

Manitoba Co-operator

Mar. 30, 2020: Breeders expect online uptick as COVID-19 hits bull sale season

Mar. 27, 2020: Truckers deal with new reality under COVID-19

Mar. 27, 2020: Rural municipalities ‘grinding to a halt’ in face of pandemic

Mar. 27, 2020: Demand fluctuations put pressure on cattle prices

Mar. 27, 2020: Currency weakness supportive for Canadian-grown commodities

Mar. 26, 2020: CFA seeks immediate cash for farmers

Mar. 26, 2020: Coronavirus situation offers strange times: Editorial

Mar. 26, 2020: Pork sector looks for coronavirus answers

Mar. 25, 2020: Portage coronavirus testing site announced

Mar. 24, 2020: Coronavirus testing site to open in Winkler

Mar. 24, 2020: ‘Essential’ travel rule fuzzy on farmers picking up parts, inputs

Mar. 23, 2020: Canada, U.S. aim for border balancing act

Mar. 23, 2020: Grain keeps moving despite virus

Mar. 23, 2020: Grain elevator companies set COVID-19 protocols

Mar. 23, 2020: North America’s millers, bakers scramble to satisfy bread binge

Mar. 23, 2020: FCC to funnel funds to ag sector

Mar. 23, 2020: Manitoba extends forage insurance survey deadline

Mar. 20, 2020: Travel restrictions complicate temporary foreign labor

Mar. 20: 2020: Elevators implement COVID-19 protocols to keep grain moving

Mar. 20, 2020: Temporary foreign workers to be allowed in, Canada reiterates

Mar. 19, 2020: Auction marts urged to introduce social distance

Mar. 18, 2020: Bull sales still rolling despite pandemic

Mar. 18, 2020: COVID testing site opens in Brandon

Mar. 18, 2020: Border closure likely to leave most commerce unscathed

Mar. 18, 2020: Travel exception for temporary workers secured

Mar. 18, 2020: CBOT weekly outlook: Bargain buying lifts some commodities

Mar. 17, 2020: Richardson to pay quarantined employees

Mar. 16, 2020: Editor’s Take: We’re all in this together

Mar. 16, 2020: Handlers focus on keeping grain moving despite COVID-19

Mar. 15, 2020: COVID-19 fears put a halt to agricultural events

Mar. 13, 2020: The fine art of panic buying: Charlebois

Mar. 12, 2020: What will be the long-term impact of COVID-19?: Fraser

The Western Producer

COVID-19 resources for producers (link to page)

le Bulletin des agriculteurs

Revue de presse COVID-19 (link to page)

Burnett on Markets

(Courtesy of Glacier MarketsFarm via

Mar. 27, 2020: Suddenly agriculture is important

Glacier FarmMedia response to COVID-19

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Provincial updates

Provinces and Territories across Canada are providing updates on COVID-19 as it develops. The Government of Canada website also has information and resources to help lower your risk of contracting the virus and what symptoms you should watch for.

To find the latest government update regarding COVID-19 in your province or territory, please visit the links below:

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