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History: A Territories Shepherd – Part 4

Reprinted from the April 1951 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

A Territories’ Shepherd – Part 4
By J. F. MacCallum, Swift Current, Sask.

‘Sometime in November of 1901 I was moved into the ranch at Gull Lake and Burnett was moved to a camp about four miles south of Gull Lake. There was a lot of hay put up at that camp. A man with a team was left with Burnett and I was right at home with MacGillivray and his family. I was lucky again. I had no cooking to do and the winter passed very nicely. MacGillivray was a real nice man. He came from Invernesshire in Scotland and had been a shepherd all his life. He had put in seven years as a shepherd on the Falkland Islands off the coast of South America. He had interesting stories to tell of his experiences in the Falklands. He went back to Scotland, got himself married and came out to Canada.’

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