History: Harry Garfield Minor, 1881-1949

Reprinted from the June 1950 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

Roundup time. Left to right: Bill Kalwyck, Harry Minor, Henry Larson, Vern Hollopeter, John Minor, and Ed Westerlund who worked for Minor Bros. for many years.

Harry Garfield Minor, 1881-1949

‘The life-story of Harry Minor would not be complete without telling of his love and great respect for horses. In the early 1900’s he had a horse named Frank. Frank was one of a two car shipment of horses which the Minors shipped from Nebraska when they came to Canada. There were those who thought Frank was not worth much, but Harry thought differently. He won the horse’s heart, and as a result had the best cow pony he had ever owned. Frank was a one man horse and would allow no one to ride him but Harry.’

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