History: Hidden With the Wagon Trail

Reprinted from the August 1952 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

Joe McNabb.

Hidden With the Wagon Trail
By Irene E. McCaugherty, Lethbridge, Alta.

‘Maybe I shouldn’t write about the pioneers who have seen their beloved “Rancher’s Paradise” fenced and the sod turned with the plow. Words are inadequate in the “strength” and “color” to relate the memoirs to these few people who played a leading role in breaking trail in Western Canada. In must have taken “courage” to withstand the hardships and privations but they succeeded because adversity challenged, giving a “purpose” in living. They had their dreams and visions of the new horizon. Courageously they hitched their lines to a star, greased the wagon axle and demanded of themselves, “Giddup”.’

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