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History: O’-da-wa-ta-be Umbah (Christmas)

Reprinted from the January 1953 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

“Off to the Feast”: Christmas guests at the Bighorn Reserve.

O’-da-wa-ta-be Umbah (Christmas)
By John Laurie

‘I left the train at Nordegg. In fact, I practically fell off and, with my blankets, skidded down the icy grade into the arms of my friends. Shouts of “Oh-ha-zthee-skan” came from a dozen throats as the boys took my blankets, my pack sack, and crowded around to shake my hands and welcome me. I was hungry, sleepy and stiff after the seemingly interminable jolting of the train that had threaded its way around the hills and muskegs, through the never-ending spruce forests from Rocky Mountain House. But the warm welcome pushed all that into the past.’

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