History: The Pig that Squealed for War

Reprinted from the January 1951
 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

The Pig that Squealed for War
By P. W. Luce, Vancouver, B.C.

‘In 1859 one “Ly” Cutler, a hot-tempered Yankee, shot a Hudson’s Bay Company’s pig which was ravaging his potato patch on San Juan Island. By right of occupation for sixteen years, the Company claimed the territory as a British possession, but the claim had not been formally recognized. The boundary line between British Columbia and the State of Washington was still undefined. Cutler was billed for the slain pig, and refused to pay.

Authority took a hand in the matter. Pretty soon the Governor of the State of Washington and Governor Douglas, of the Crown Colony of Vancouver Island, were exchanging acid notes over the status of the island.’

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