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Online survey to help cattle producers better understand the effect wildlife has on ranching operations

Alberta Beef Producers (ABP) is encouraging cattle producers in the province to fill out an online survey detailing how they’re getting along with wolves, cats, bears and other wildlife on their ranching operations.

The Miistakis Institute is conducting the survey to gain a better understanding of the economic impact wildlife – both good and bad — has on cattle operations across the province and across regions. The scientific and grey literature on this issue will also be analysed along with the delivery of Alberta’s wildlife compensation plan.

ABP expects the results will demonstrate cattle producers are good stewards of the land who bear a significant cost to support wildlife, and hopefully use this information to foster a more cooperative approach to wildlife management.

It may also lead to the development of fair and sensible methods for measuring losses due to wildlife and an acknowledgement of the uneven distribution of wildlife costs among producers and throughout society.

It may also be used to lobby for effective ecological goods and services payments to finance more stewardship programs and provide realistic compensation for livestock killed by predators.

To be valid at least 2,000 beef producers across Alberta must fill in the survey. The institute is hoping to hear from producers who have problems with wildlife and those who don’t.

The survey found at and will be open from February 5 to March 5, 2014. Hard copies are available by emailing [email protected] or calling 403-275-4400.

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