History: Bunkhouse Philosopohy

Reprinted from the April 1953 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

Bunkhouse Philosophy
By W. R. Cochrane, Cowley, Alta.

‘Looks like someone ought to keep us posted when regulations are put in effect that change the course of our social life. We have always cheerfully accepted the job if furnishing steaks and roasts for the nation with no holds barred in regard to price. We have put up with tariffs and sales tax to keep the government percolating and enable our infant industries, that refuse to grow up, to keep themselves in three-cornered pants. We have been compelled to submit to freight rate boosts so that our railways can still use black ink on their books, keep ahead of the sheriff, and keep their stations and hostelries from falling into disrepair, but by thunder when we are advised that a lot of the music of the present day is controlled and we have to dig up good coin of the realm if we wish to play it at our annual get-together, it is rather “phenosticatin” and looks sort of unreasonable like.’

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