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Barry Yaremcio, Alberta beef and forage specialist.

The pros and cons of grazing cover crops

Cover crops have traditionally been used to help hold the soil when transitioning between different types of cash crops, and are often plowed under before planting the next crop — to add organic material and fertility to the soil. Farmers with livestock often select cover crops that can be grazed, adding an additional benefit as […] Read more

Points to remember when seeding forages

Points to remember when seeding forages

There are a few common mistakes made that limit the success of new forage establishments” says Joel Bagg, a former forage specialist with Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, and now with Quality Seeds. “One of the biggest problems is not seeding new forage stands often enough. Many alfalfa-based stands are simply too […] Read more

Some second growth for October grazing on Kevin Stebeleski’s pasture.

Multi-species silage is like free insurance

As spring turned to summer without giving up much rain, Kevin Stebeleski really started to wonder about his decision to give multi-species silage a try for the first time. Those worries turned moot as July rains and warm weather transformed the 100-acre field into a smorgasbord of forages that landed 8.5 tons to the acre […] Read more