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Drylotting cows and calves is one way to hold onto your genetics during a drought.

Culling cattle for drought

Age is not the only factor you may need to consider

Many ranchers who tried to feed through a drought without selling cows have said they will never do it again. You can slip too far into debt borrowing money to buy feed in a bad year. It’s often better to sell early, before feed grows short and cow condition falls. But there are ways to […] Read more

Cull or keep? Factors to consider when culling cows

Cull or keep? Factors to consider when culling cows

Plus, culling on temperament and maternal behaviour

When culling cows it’s important to have a plan, preferably one that includes pregnancy testing and close evaluation of every cow. Bruce Viney, a risk management specialist with Alberta Agriculture and Forestry, recalls that when he ran cattle he culled for a lot more reasons than whether or not they were open. “If they have […] Read more

Winter transport studied for cattle welfare, beef quality

Winter transport studied for cattle welfare, beef quality

A 2007 transportation benchmarking study led by Dr. Karen Schwartzkopf-Genswein of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s Lethbridge Research Station surveyed over 9,000 loads and close to half a million cattle trucked to, from and within Alberta over an 18-month period. That study reported that over 99.9 per cent of the cattle arrived at their destination with […] Read more

cattle in a feedlot

Beef Watch: Canadian cattle inventories decline, U.S. herds expanding

Beef Watch is prepared by the staff of Canfax and Canfax Research Services, divisions of the Canadian Cattlemen's Association

While U.S. herd expansion is underway, the Canadian beef cattle herd remains in the consolidation phase. Cow-calf and feedlot profitability improved significantly in 2014 with record cattle prices, lower feed costs and strong beef demand, but risk factors such as weather conditions, input costs and competition from pork and poultry need to be closely watched […] Read more

red angus bulls in a pen

Revising the bull pen

Each year, the Dickinson Research Extension Center reviews the bulls from the previous year to cut back on what bulls need to be overwintered. Because the bulls are bought based on their ability to transmit the right genes into the cow herd, their expected progeny difference (EPD) values already have stood the evaluation tests of when they were purchased. […] Read more